Delivering your Logistics needs

Mission: "To obtain goods and services for our customers at the lowest cost, while considering quality, service and delivery through aggressive, competitive bidding."

Air Sea Logistics, a Freight Forwarding company with years of experience in logistics and project management, you can trust us with your most critical cargo, shipping and Freight Forwarding needs.


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Clearing & Forwarding

AirSea Logistics (PVT) Limited is an organisation that offers importing and exporting, clearing and forwarding. Our key purpose is to provide convenient freight services, reliable and efficient forwarding to our clients. We aim to top the freight and forwarding industry in terms of excellence in deliverance.

Shipping & Logistics

AirSea Logistics (PVT) Limited has rapidly grown to be one of the most trusted companies to handle clearing and forwarding as well as all other cargo. We are experts in freight and logistics of goods of all types.

AirSea Logistics (PVT) Limited's mission is to provide quality and effective business through its talented and efficient staff. Our forwarding skills is second to none.


The need for clearance of cargo with customs and the need for transportation of cargo to different parts worldwide calls the need of an impeccable reputation in the freight industry. We therefore aim for excellence in fulfilling the promise and developing undoubted confidence with our clients.